I wash and disinfect your baby's stroller with lots of love!

I am sure you are asking yourself, how this little bubble can clean and wash so good?.


Over the years I have gained experience cleaning baby strollers and now that I consider myself an expert, I help moms and dads in Barcelona to take care of their babies!

Let me tell you how I clean your baby's stroller!

Make your reservation
Yes, like when you buy a plane ticket. First, you must book your cleaning service, otherwise, my stroller business fills up and I can't clean them all at once.

Keep in mind that I am a perfectionist (excessively, according to my psychologist). I need time to inspect every button on the stroller to make sure I have removed all dirt.

You can make the reservation online on this website or by WhatsApp, whichever suits you best.

Delivery of the stroller to wash
Do you want to bring it or do you prefer me to pick it up? I make it very easy for you to love my service!

For a bit more I can pick it up for you (note, only in Barcelona) and then, once it's clean, I will return it to you. You can also drop it off and pick it up yourself so we can meet in person. I love putting faces on my strollers!

I am very strict and methodical with the cleaning. I always follow the same process:

  • General vacuuming to remove breadcrumbs, pebbles, etc.
  • Fabric is disassembled with a lot of care whenever it is possible.
  • Washing of fabrics by machine or by hand. Fabrics that cannot be removed from the structure are washed by hand with a special foam.
  • Fabrics drying.
  • Structure cleaning with soap and water.
  • Pressure cleaning of the wheels. Some cars allow the wheels to be removed for a deeper clean.
  • Steam treatment for disinfecting and sanitizing the stroller, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses.
  • Review of the entire stroller.
  • Hand dried.


Once the stroller is clean and disinfected, I will notify you to pick it up or I will take it home if you have hired the transport service.

Along with the return, a before and after report is delivered detailing everything that has been done during the cleaning service.

¿Any question?