The baby stroller bubble wash specialist

Hi World!

Bubu Clean

I'm Clean, Bubu Clean. Known in Barcelona as the bubble expert in cleaning baby strollers.

I have been cleaning so many things (please, don't ask for details!). And for the last few years I've only been cleaning prams, baby car seats, baby strollers, carrycots, maxi-cosi, etc... that is, everything your child needs whenever you leave home.

So one good day, with the pandemic outside my window and my infinite experience, I decided that it would be a very good idea to offer my expertise to those families who need professional cleaning for their baby's accessories. 


What motivates me to jump out of bed when the alarm goes on?

My immense desire for making life easier for those moms and dads who are often overwhelmed by the routine and this crazy thing of being parents.

I also feel that I should make my own contribution to the planet. I like to believe that by washing and disinfecting, I can extend the life of many strollers and baby car seats. 

I read circular economy is much more than recycling, and this is what Bubuclean is all about.

  • I believe in second chances
  • Something good does not have to be new
  • A little soap and skill can surprise you
  • The WOW effect when I deliver a freshly washed baby stroller
  • In the bubbles that blow up inside me when I make someone's life much easier
  • In reducing the amount of waste on the planet

If you want to know my day to day, I am the protagonist of my social networks. Follow me in Instagram or TikTok!